• The First Load of Lumber

    The First Load of Lumber

    Water based Pigment on Silk
  • Hayden Hess

    Hayden Hess

  • Winter


    Water based pigment on Xuan paper
  • Dawn 2018

    Dawn 2018

    18 x 18 inches – Water based Pigment on Silk





Yidan Guo is a painter whom searches for beauty from anywhere. In Yidan’s art, her goals are not only to show what she sees and feels, but also to share the deeper emotions behind them. 

Yidan’s portraiture is a way of revealing a state of mind that is shared by all human beings, a common concern about happiness, fulfillment, mortality and eternity. These paintings convey the deep and subtle feelings involved in the connection between Yidan and her objects. The layers of emotions she feels for them results in the quality of her artwork. 



Yidan Guo – A Music Dream

Water based pigment on watercolor paper